Carbon construction videoscope
The light weight, robust carbon construction of the VUCAM XO videoscope enables easy handling on-site. Perfect grip is guaranteed with the videoscope's aluminum handle & direct access buttons for fast RVI reactions.

Carbon & aluminium construction

Free tilt display videoscope
The VUCAM XO videoscope provides perfect view in every position with the free tilt display of the VUCAM XO videoscope.


Stay mobile with the videoscope VUCAM XO while performing your Remote Visual Inspection. Using the wrist loop and the neck strap while working in hard to reach areas makes the videoscope VUCAM XO indispensable in your application.

Inspection mobility

Ergonomically located on top of the videoscope handle all frequently used videoscope functions are activated with a simple click.

Direct access buttons

Videoscope LED illumination
The videoscope's high power LED illumination provides perfect light to ensure excellent Remote Visual Inspections with the VUCAM XO videoscope.

High power led light source

Videoscope Video