Flashback Buffer Recording videoscope
During the inspection flow, areas of interest are often recognized late or are nearly missed out. For the typical reaction delay, revisits may be needed. The VUCAM XO videoscope constantly buffer capturing spares the physical revisit.


Direct access buttons
Ergonomically located on top of the videoscope handle all frequently used videoscope functions are activated with a simple click.

Direct access buttons

Videoscope LED illumination
High power LED illumination provides perfect light to ensure excellent Remote Visual Inspection results with the VUCAM XO videoscope.

High power led light source

Flashback Buffer Recording
With the VUCAM XO videoscope fast recall touch button you confirm your inspection result right after recording. Working with the smart data management improves your Remote Visual Inspection work flow with the VUCAM XO video borescope.

Smart data management

Save all your inspection data onto the videoscope VUCAM XO SD card. Transfer and post processing  onto your laptop/desktop is easy. Save time with the videoscope VUCAM XO.

Saving files on SD card

Videoscope Video