Videoscope VUCAM XO touch screen
Portable videoscope VUCAM XO with up-to-date 5.7” LED backlight touch screen, precise videoscope operation with your fingertips and 640 x 480 px resolution.

Touch screen

We only use high quality materials for the VUCAM XO videoscope to ensure highest durability in harshest industrial applications. Heavily tested by our on-site technicians to bring you the best videoscope quality.

Videoscope Durability

Improve your inspection flow with the easy usage & handling of the videoscope VUCAM XO. All videoscope design details are constructed to save time and increase your productivity on-site.

Easy To Use videoscope

The battery powered videoscope offers independent Remote Visual Inspections. Field replaceable high capacity Li Fe Po cells guarantee hours of inspection even in remote locations.


Videoscope tip adapters
To get the perfect view with the VUCAM XO videoscope, the video borescope provides different tip adapters with various optical attributes.

Videoscope Tip Adapters

Videoscope Video